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Ling Ma
OccupationWriter, professor
Known forSeverance
AwardsKirkus Prize
Academic background
Academic work
InstitutionsUniversity of Chicago

Ling Ma is a Chinese American novelist and Assistant Professor of Practice in the Arts at the University of Chicago. Her first book, Severance, won a 2018 Kirkus Prize and was listed as a New York Times Notable Book of 2018[1] and shortlisted for the 2019 Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award.[2]

Early life[edit]

Ma was born in Sanming, Fujian, China,[3] initially an only child because of China's "one-child policy."[4] She grew up in Utah, Nebraska, and Kansas.[5] She has an AB from the University of Chicago and received an MFA from Cornell University.[6]


Ma's debut novel, Severance is described as "a biting indictment of late-stage capitalism and a chilling vision of what comes after, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Marxist screed or a dry Hobbesian thought experiment."[7] Severance is a novel that is partially post-apocalyptic horror, and partially office satire.[8] It follows the novel's narrator in the aftermath of the outbreak of a deadly fever that has killed almost everyone in the US.[9] An earlier chapter from the book won a 2015 Disquiet Literary Prize, the Graywolf Prize.[10]

Ma began the novel while working as a fact checker for Playboy, a job she held from 2009 to 2012.[11] It began as a short story, written in her office during her last few months there; after her layoff, it became a novel which she wrote while living on severance pay.[12] She took four years to write it,[8] and finished the novel at Cornell as part of the work in her MFA program.[13] Ma said she "felt pressured to write a traditional immigration novel" while in the MFA program at Cornell, but instead decided to write about otherness and alienation via the trope of zombie apocalypse.[5]

Ma has also published short stories in Granta, Playboy, and the Chicago Reader.[14]


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