Ling Tung Numismatic Museum

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Coordinates: 24°08′16″N 120°36′31″E / 24.13778°N 120.60861°E / 24.13778; 120.60861

Ling Tung Numismatic Museum
General information
Type Museum
Location Nantun, Taichung, Taiwan
Opening 28 October 2006[1][2]

The Ling Tung Numismatic Museum (Chinese: 嶺東科技大學嶺東錢幣博物館; pinyin: Lǐngdōng Kējì Dàxué Lǐngdōng Qiánbì Bówùguǎn) is a museum about currency in Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan. The museum is located at Ling Tung University.


The museum was founded on 28 October 2006 to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the university.


The museum houses the private collections of the school president and comprises approximately 4,000 pieces of ancient Chinese coins and paper money. It also has examples of silver ingots and bars that circulated during different dynasties.[3]

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