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Coordinates: 24°08′16″N 120°36′31″E / 24.13778°N 120.60861°E / 24.13778; 120.60861

Ling Tung University
(Learn to use, Sincere to others)
PresidentDr. Zhiyang Zhao
Academic staff
CampusTsuen-an, Pao-wen,
MascotLucky Goat
Ling Tung University
Traditional Chinese嶺東科技大學

Ling Tung University (LTU; Chinese: 嶺東科技大學) is a private university in Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan.


The university was founded in 1964.


Ling Tung University has five colleges, offering 17 undergraduate programs, 9 graduate programs, and 11 two-year programs. Undergraduate programs are in the areas of business, finance, design, and information technology. Four-year undergraduate programs focus on educating students with professional skills in the business, technology and design fields.

Graduate programs focus on the fields of Visual and Digital Communication Design, International Business and Management, Finance and Economics, and Information Science. Ling Tung provides night programs and weekend programs for students pursuing lifelong learning.

College of Design[edit]

  • Department of Digital Content Design;
  • Department of Fashion Design;
  • Department of Technological Product Design;
  • Department of Visual Communication Design;
  • Graduate Institute of Digital Content Design;
  • Graduate Institute of Fashion Design;
  • Graduate Institute of Visual Communication Design

College of Finance and Economics[edit]

  • Department of Accounting and Information Technology;
  • Department of Finance and Economics;
  • Department of Insurance;
  • Department of Public Finance;
  • Graduate Institute of Finance;
  • Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law

College of Information Science[edit]

  • Department of Commercial Technology Management;
  • Department of Information Management;
  • Department of Information Technology;
  • Graduate Institute of Applied Information Technology

College of Management[edit]

  • Department of Applied Foreign Language;
  • Department of Business Administration;
  • Department of International Business;
  • Department of International Trade;
  • Department of Marketing and Logistics Management;
  • Department of Tourism and Leisure Management;
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA);
  • Graduate Institute of International Business

College of Continuing Education[edit]

  • Night School division
  • Weekend School division


The university houses the Ling Tung Numismatic Museum.

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