Linga, Vaila Sound

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Linga, viewed from the northwest

Linga is one of the Shetland Islands, near Vaila and Walls on Mainland, Shetland. Its highest elevation is 28 metres (91 ft). In 2014 and 2018 it was reported that the island was for sale for £250,000.[1][2]

Geography and geology[edit]

Linga is made up of sandstone, subjected to ancient glacial erosion.[3]

Linga is to the north east of the island of Vaila, in Vaila Sound surrounded by Mainland, Shetland on three sides. The Holm of Breibister is to the west, the Baa of Linga to the south (baa is a Shetland word for a sunken rock) and the village of Walls is in the North, on the mainland.[2] The surface area is about 65 acres (20 hectares) and there are two derelict cottages on Linga.[2] The local council granted planning permission in 2011 to an oil industry engineer develop the island[4] and a Norwegian nudist group expressed interest in buying the island in 2016[5] but by 2018 these plans had not come to fruition.[2]


In 2018 it was reported that nobody had lived on Linga since 1934.[2] There were two inhabitants in 1931,[3] 13 in 1881 and nine in 1841.[3][6]

The 840 ton ship the SS Jane was shipwrecked off Linga in 1923. Her wreck is still there.[7]

A dead killer whale was found on a beach on Linga in 2017.[8]


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Coordinates: 60°12′55″N 1°34′11″W / 60.21528°N 1.56972°W / 60.21528; -1.56972