Lingdingyang Bridge

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The Lingdingyang Bridge (traditional Chinese: 伶仃洋大橋; simplified Chinese: 伶仃洋大桥; pinyin: Língdīngyáng Dàqiáo; Cantonese Yale: ling4 ding1 yeung4 daai6 kiu4) was proposed by former Zhuhai prefecture mayor in the late 1980s to link Zhuhai and Hong Kong at Qi'ao and Tuen Mun, across the Lingdingyang, Pearl River estuary.

Preliminary works had been finished to link mainland Zhuhai with Qi'ao island. Nonetheless the proposal was dropped to give way to a later proposal of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which links Hong Kong at Lantau, and connects Macau as well.

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