Lingdum Monastery

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Lingdum Monastery
Lingdum Monastery (also Ranka Lingdum or Pal Zurmang Kagyud Monastery).jpg
AffiliationTibetan Buddhism
SectZurmang Kagyu
LeadershipH. E. Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche
LocationSikkim, India
Lingdum Monastery is located in Sikkim
Lingdum Monastery
Location within India
Geographic coordinates27°19′51″N 88°34′46″E / 27.330805°N 88.579484°E / 27.330805; 88.579484

Lingdum Monastery (also Ranka Lingdum or Pal Zurmang Kagyud Monastery) is a Buddhist monastery near Ranka in Sikkim, North East India, about an hour's drive from Gangtok. It was completed in 1999.[1][2][3]

It follows the Zurmang Kagyu tradition.[4]


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