Lingga, Malaysia

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For the Indonesian islands, see Lingga Islands
Lingga Shops.jpg
Lingga is located in East Malaysia
Location in Borneo
Coordinates: 1°21′00″N 111°10′00″E / 1.35°N 111.16667°E / 1.35; 111.16667
Country Malaysia
State Sarawak
12 m (39 ft)

Lingga (Chinese: 龙呀) is a small coastal fishing town, in Sri Aman Division, Sarawak, Malaysia,[1] near where the Lupar River (Batang Lupar) debouches into the sea.

Commercial activities is limited to seventeen small stores in the town, all of which are run by local Chinese merchants. The population of Lingga has stagnated, the lack of job opportunities has caused significant exodus of local population to more developed towns for better livelihood.

Lingga is also popularly known as "Crocodile Town" for numerous sightings of crocodile in the nearby river. The most common type of fish-produce is "terobok".


As happened to other parts of Sarawak, Lingga was controlled by the White Rajahs during the period of British colonisation. Under colonial rule, Lingga developed from a rural area to a bustling small town.


A common lament is the Government has not done enough for this town in term of economic development. For its abundance of land, palm oil plantation and tourism has been suggested in the past as sources of sustainable income that could bring about economic developments and much needed job for locals. YB Datuk Rohani of Lingga, Timbalan Menteri Pertanian was tasked by voters to help their causes for her winning the election, and it remains to be seen if she deliver on her campaign promises.

Lingga - Sri Aman Road[edit]


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