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Lingnan Primary School (Chinese: 嶺南小學) is a privately funded primary school at Stubbs Road, Hong Kong, China, founded in 1922. The current principal is Ms. M.N. Chan. Lingnan Primary School Old Student Association is an association associated with Lingnan Primary School. The school only had about 120 students and six classes at the time of closure. The school was quite old too, having existed for over 70 years. The campus was closed in 2013 for rebuilding, although a failure to relocate has resulted in a closure until 2017 (see below).

Controversy and Shutdown[edit]

The nearby secondary school campus had been abandoned and fell into disrepair due to the relocation of Lingnan Secondary several years before, although the auditorium and rooftop football court of one building was maintained for the primary school, nursery and kindergarten, whilst the rooftop basketball court, among other facilities within the other buildings, were used by other schools and facilities, notably L.E.A.P. However, plans were announced to demolish the old campus to make way for a villa complex, which was initially expected, but in mid-2011, plans for the demolition and rebuilding of the kindergarten/nursery and primary school were announced as well. This caused uproar among the parents, who even protested along Stubbs Road due to the 'unsafe' designation of the kindergarten. In addition, 10 of the 30 students applying cancelled, reducing the school's size further. The kindergarten was relocated in 2012, but the primary school will be closed until 2017.

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