Lingshou County

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Lingshou County
Country China
Province Hebei
Prefecture Shijiazhuang
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Lingshou County

Lingshou County (simplified Chinese: 灵寿县; traditional Chinese: 靈壽縣; pinyin: Língshòu Xiàn) is a county of Hebei, China. It is under the administration of the Shijiazhuang city. Lingshou town is located in the southeastern portion of Lingshou County. The location of Lingshou town is approximately 38.309646 N, 114.382275 E.

Hengshanlin Reservoir

Administrative Divisions[edit]



Recreational Areas[edit]

Hengshanlin Reservoir in Lingshou County.

The Hengshanlin Reservoir (横山岭水库) is located in central Lingshou County, nearby Hebei Lingshou Chenzhuang Royal Village (河北省石家庄市灵寿县陈庄镇王家沟村). The Qiushan Scenic Area (横山景区) sits on the border of Hengshanlin.

Accommodation for visitors in Hengshanlin includes at least one hotel, the Yokoyama Lake Hotel (横山湖宾馆), located at 38.577 N, 114.180 E. Yokoyama sits on the shoreline of the reservoir, and offers recreational opportunities such as swimming, fishing, boating and table tennis.

Hengshanlin Reservoir
Hengshanlin Reservoir
Hengshanlin Reservoir

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Coordinates: 38°18′26″N 114°22′05″E / 38.30722°N 114.36806°E / 38.30722; 114.36806