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Coordinates: 22°32′03.9″N 120°22′03.1″E / 22.534417°N 120.367528°E / 22.534417; 120.367528

Linhai Industrial Park Service Center

The Linhai Industrial Park (Chinese: 臨海工業區; pinyin: Línhǎi Gōngyè Qū) is an industrial park located in Siaogang District and Cianjhen District of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It near the Kaohsiung International Airport, No. 5 Container Center of Port of Kaohsiung and the terminal of National Highway No. 1. The Talin Power Plant, a fossil fuel power plant, is located near the park. And a reservoir called Fengshan Reservoir is to the south of park.

Linhai Industrial Park is a major clutch of heavy industry of Taiwan. There are several largest producers of their industries situated in this industrial park, such as China Steel (steelmaker), CSBC Corporation (ship builder) and CPC Corporation (oil refiner). Furthermore, Linhai Industrial Park also has some manufacturers of machinery, steel, transportation and chemical industry.


The industrial park was originally established in 1960 and completed in January 1972.[1][2]


The area is accessible within walking distance south of Siaogang Station of Kaohsiung MRT.

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