Linhe District

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Linhe (Mongolian: ᠯᠢᠨᠾᠧ ᠲᠣᠭᠣᠷᠢᠭ Linhė toɣoriɣ; simplified Chinese: 临河; traditional Chinese: 臨河; pinyin: Línhé) is a District with 550,000 inhabitants under the administration of Baynnur, Inner Mongolia, situated at the northern loop of the Yellow River, south of the Lang Shan range (70 km or 43 misouth-east of the Huhebashige).


Linhe lies at the junction the Baotou–Lanzhou and the Linhe–Ceke Railways.

Coordinates: 40°51′14″N 107°25′40″E / 40.85389°N 107.42778°E / 40.85389; 107.42778