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This article is about the Austro-Hungarian Navy rank Linienschiffsleutnant OF-2. For the equivalent rank in other naval forces, see Ship-of-the-line lieutenant. For the comperable rank in Anglophone naval forces, see Lieutenant (navy).
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg
in Austria-Hungary
Sleeve braid
Rank insignia Austro-Hungarian Navy
Introduction 19th century
Rank group Commissioned officers
Army / Air Force Hauptmann
Navy Linienschiffsleutnant

Linienschiffsleutnant (Hun: Sorhajóhadnagy / en: translation Ship-of-the-line lieutenant) was an officer rank in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. It was equivalent to Hauptmann of the Austro-Hungarian Army, as well to Kapitänleutnant of the Imperial German Navy. Pertaining to the modern day's NATO rank code it could be comparable to OF-2.

The rank designation was used continuously in the Austria-Hungarian follow on countries Yugoslavia, Croatia, and Slovenia, as well as in the modern day´s Austrian merchant navy.

The rank name was selected in line to the division of war ships to specific ship categories early of the 19th century, e.g. corvette (de: Korvette), frigate (de: Fregatte), and to ship of the line (de: Linienschiff). In the Austro-Hungarian Navy the appropriate rank designations were derived as follows.

According to that systematic the rank designations to subaltern – or junior officers were derived as follows:

This sequence of ranks can be found in the today´s naval forces of Croatia, and Slovenia.

junior rank
Coat of arms of the Austro-Hungarian Navy.png
(k.u.k. Kriegsmarine rank)
senior rank

Other countries[edit]

The rank designation Linienschiffsleutant was used continuously in naval forces of former Yugoslavia and as (OF-2) rank in modern today’s naval forces of Croatia, and Slovenia.

Rank insignia Linienschiffsleutnant OF-2
Country Croatia Slovenia
Seal of Croatian Navy.png
Croatian Navy
Naval Jack of Slovenia.svg
Slovenian Navy
Naramenica ljetne odore poručnika bojnog broda HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore poručnika bojnog broda HRM.svg Slovenska vojska por bojlad.jpg
Native designation Poručnik bojnog broda Poročnik bojne ladje

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