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Link or Links may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]

  • A connection in general
  • A single element of a chain
  • A single sausage, a cylindrical meat product usually made from ground/mince meat, along with salt, spices and other flavourings, and breadcrumbs, with a skin around it
  • Hyperlink, a reference in an electronic document that lets a user display or activate another document or program
  • Links (golf), a type of golf course

Arts and entertainment[edit]


Film and television[edit]

Video games[edit]



  • Hong Kong Link, a holding company for toll tunnels and bridges wholly owned by the Government of Hong Kong
  • Link REIT, a real estate investment trust established out of properties formerly held by the Hong Kong Housing Authority
  • The Link (retailer), a mobile phone retailer in the United Kingdom
  • Link TV, an independent American satellite television network
  • WLNK (107. 9 the Link), a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  • The Link, a division of NZ Bus that operates bus services in Auckland's central city


Science and technology[edit]

Computing and the Internet[edit]

  • Links (web browser), a visual Internet browser for Unix-like systems
  • Hyperlink, a reference in an electronic document that lets the user display or activate another document or program
  • <link> is a type of HTML element
  • Link layer, is the physical and logical network component used to interconnect hosts or nodes in a computer network
  • Reference (computer science), a value that enables a program to access a particular piece of data
  • ln (Unix), the command-line program ln used to create a symbolic link (symlink) or a hard link to an existing file
  • link (Unix), the command-line program link used to create a hard link from an existing directory to a new directory
  • Linker (computing), a program that takes object files generated by a compiler and links them to form an executable program
  • Links, an animated character used in the Microsoft Office Assistant
  • Link (Indonesia), an interbank network
  • LINK (UK), an interbank network of automated teller machines



  • LINK Train, a people-mover train in Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada
  • Link light rail, a light rail system in Seattle, Washington, United States
  • San Leandro LINKS, a bus service known as the link shuttle
  • Air Link, an airline in New South Wales, Australia


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