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Link retargeting is a form of retargeting that allows an advertiser to target an audience that clicks on a link controlled by the advertiser. Link retargeting was patented by Inbound Retargeting Technologies (dba RetargetLinks) in the US in 2017.[1]

To create a retargetable audience with link retargeting, the advertiser first identifies the content to share. Next, a retargeting link is generated for that content. The retargeting link is then shared in online channels. These online channels include social media, members of an email list, visitors to a website, or any other online channel owned by the advertiser.[2] When someone clicks the shared retargeting link they pass through a website the advertiser controls. This website tags the person's browser with a browser cookie and then redirects them to the content.[3]

Later, the advertiser can create audience segments in online advertising platforms for the people that clicked on the link. Then they can run ad campaigns targeting that audience segment.

For example, one benefit of link retargeting is that it allows creating an audience on proprietary social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and making it addressable on the rest of the internet.[4] Like search retargeting, link retargeting does not require the user to visit the marketer's website.

Retargeting links are used in a variety of ways by marketing agencies and affiliate marketers. Examples of how retargeting links are used include sharing said links on social media, in email campaigns, and within paid advertising campaigns; all of which that send traffic to a third-party website.[5]

Marketing agencies can use link retargeting to grow larger audiences for clients. An example of this is using retargeting links on all third-party content shared on social media channels. Additionally, paid advertising campaigns can be set up to send traffic to third-party content.

Affiliate marketers can also use social media to grow their retargeting audiences. Another way affiliates use retargeting links is in email campaigns with products and services. When a recipient clicks on a link within the email, that user can be retargeted at a later date.

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