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Linkat 1.0.png
Screenshot of Linkat 1.0 with GNOME
Developer Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain)
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Package manager RPM
Platforms IA-32
Kernel type Monolithic
Default user interface GNOME
License Various
Official website

Linkat (Catalan pronunciation: [ɫiŋˈkat]) is an RPM-based Linux distribution developed for the Department of Education of Generalitat of Catalonia (Spain).

It is based on openSUSE and uses GNOME as the default desktop environment.

1.0 version was released on 12 September 2006. This was derived from openSUSE 9.1, but with some added up-to-date programs such as Firefox or


Colour Meaning
Red Release no longer supported
Green Release still supported
Blue Future release
Version Review Date of launch Distribution News
1.0 1.0 12 September 2006 Novell Linux Desktop 9 - First release.
1.1 7 June 2007 Novell Linux Desktop 9
2.0 2.0 20 May 2008 SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
2.1 19 December 2008 SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
3.0 3.0 15 October 2009 openSUSE 11.1

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