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In mathematics, a linked field is a field for which the quadratic forms attached to quaternion algebras have a common property.

Linked quaternion algebras[edit]

Let F be a field of characteristic not equal to 2. Let A = (a1,a2) and B = (b1,b2) be quaternion algebras over F. The algebras A and B are linked quaternion algebras over F if there is x in F such that A is equivalent to (x,y) and B is equivalent to (x,z).[1]

The Albert form for A, B is

It can be regarded as the difference in the Witt ring of the ternary forms attached to the imaginary subspaces of A and B.[2] The quaternion algebras are linked if and only if the Albert form is isotropic.[3]

Linked fields[edit]

The field F is linked if any two quaternion algebras over F are linked.[4] Every global and local field is linked since all quadratic forms of dgree 6 over such fields are isotropic.

The following properties of F are equivalent:[5]

A nonreal linked field has u-invariant equal to 1,2,4 or 8.[6]


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