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A linklog is a type of blog which is meant to act as a linked list. Common practice is for the post titles to link directly to an external URLs, and the content of the post includes information to complement the associated URL.[1]

Linklogs existed as a feature of computing systems before the internet as well. In distributed file systems a link log was a method of recording data in which a record is created and added to the proper log when updating a transaction. The format of a log record closely matches the specification of the transaction type it corresponds to. Link log records consisted of two parts in such a system: a set of type-independent fields, and a set of type-specific fields. The former set consists of pointers to the preceding and succeeding records of the log.[2]

In PBX systems such as AUDIX link-logs were a collection of data collecting to assist operators in maintaining the system.[3]

Linklog software[edit]

  • Linkwalla - A lightweight link blogging engine
  • Delicious, a social bookmarking web service - Now Defunct

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