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Remote Control
LinnSequencer - rack mount 32 track hardware MIDI sequencer

The LinnSequencer is a rack-mount 32-track hardware MIDI sequencer manufactured by Linn Electronics and released in 1985 at a list price of US $1,250.[1] An optional Remote Control was available. Like the LinnDrum Midistudio, the LinnSequencer used the same flawed operating system used in the ill-fated Linn 9000,[2] released in 1984. As a result, both machines earned a reputation for being notoriously unreliable.[3][4] In addition, the optional LinnSequencer SMPTE feature could not be deployed due to flawed circuit design. The last LinnSequencer operating system released by Linn Electronics was version 5.17.[2]

When Linn went out of business in 1986, Forat Electronics purchased Linn's remaining assets[5] and completely revamped the Linn 9000 and LinnSequencer operating system. They fixed all the bugs[6] and added some new features to the LinnSequencer. The Forat LinnSequencer was released in 1987 by Forat Electronics at a list price of $1,000 (including all fixes and upgrades). The Forat LinnSequencer was manufactured and sold as a new complete unit.[1] Forat also offered software and hardware upgrades to existing LinnSequencers. [7] Forat discontinued manufacturing new complete Forat LinnSequencers in 1994. However, at the time of writing (2015), Forat still offers the LinnSequencer software and hardware upgrades to stock LinnSequencers.[7]


The LinnSequencer is a state-of-the-art composition and performance tool for the professional musician. It is extremely powerful, yet amazingly simple to learn and use.

Features added by Forat Electronics include:

  • 40,000-note capacity (four times the original)
  • MIDI clock
  • MIDI song pointer

Features of the original Linn Electronics LinnSequencer that are retained in the Forat LinnSequencer include:

  • Operation is similar to a multi-track tape recorder with PLAY, STOP, RECORD, FAST FORWARD, REWIND, and LOCATE controls
  • Each of the 100 sequences contains 32 simultaneous, polyphonic tracks. Each track may be assigned to one of 16 MIDI channels. Simultaneously plays up to 16 polyphonic synthesizers
  • Ultra-fast 3.5-inch floppy disk drive stores complex songs in seconds and holds over 110,000 notes per disk
  • One or all tracks may be TRANSPOSED at the touch of a key
  • Exclusive real-time ERASE function makes editing FAST
  • Exclusive REPEAT function automatically repeats any held notes at a pre-selected rhythmic value
  • TIMING CORRECTION works during playback and operates without "chopping" notes
  • Optional remote control

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