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Lino Aldani (29 March 1926 – 31 January 2009) was an Italian science fiction writer.

Aldani was born in San Cipriano Po in 1926. He lived until 1968 in Rome, where he worked as a mathematics teacher[citation needed], and then back in San Cipriano Po.

He published science fiction stories starting in the Sixties (his first published short story being "Dove sono i vostri Kumar?", in 1960) and his first novel, Quando le radici, in 1977. In 1962 he wrote the first Italian critical essay about science fiction[citation needed], La fantascienza. In 1963 Aldani founded the SF magazine Futuro with Massimo Lo Jacono; the magazine lasted eight issues[citation needed].

His works have been translated into several languages. He died in Pavia on 31 January 2009.


  • La Fantascienza (1963), essay;
  • Aleph 3 (1963), his first novel, first published in 2007;
  • Quarta Dimensione (1964);
  • Quando le radici (1977), a novel whose main character, Arno, looks for his past in a future, disturbing Italy;
  • Eclissi 2000 (1979), a novel about the impossibility of creating a government without resorting to lies and deceit;
  • Nel segno della luna bianca (1980; also known as Febbre di luna, with Daniela Piegai), a left-wing inspired fantasy novel;
  • La croce di ghiaccio (1989), novel;
  • Themoro Korik (2007), a novel about Romani people.


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