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Lino Ieluzzi with his dog Dudley
Lino Ieluzzi with his dog Dudley

Pasquale Ieluzzi Comm. (October 7, 19??), better known by his nickname Lino Ieluzzi, is an influential menswear icon from Milan, Italy. He is the owner of the haberdashery 'Al Bazar di Lino Ieluzzi' in which he has been working since the 1970s. As interest in menswear spiked Ieluzzi has become more and more famous among men's style enthusiasts.

Early life[edit]

Lino has been interested in menswear since an early age. His interest was sparked by his father, whom he recalls as a man who was always impeccably dressed in well-tailored suits. Pictures of Ieluzzi as a 15-year old wearing a bandana with a sports jacket show early signs of his rule-bending when it comes to menswear.

Personal style[edit]

Ieluzzi has a very distinctive personal style, which is one of the reasons he has become very well known among menswear aficionados. He tends to wear a double breasted jacket in a bold colour and/or pattern, often with a different pair of pants underneath. The jacket is rather different to a 'normal' double-breasted jacket, in that Lino has reworked his jackets to also look good with denim and a polo neck. He couples this with a cutaway collar shirt and a tie with the number seven on it. To top it all off he wears a western-style belt, a silver keychain, either a Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet watch and a pair of double monkstrap shoes with the second buckle unbuckled (one of his signature style moves). The distinctive number seven tie started as a bit of a joke to celebrate his birthday on October 7 but the ties caught on with his fans and they are now his bestseller product. He is a big fan of the colours blue, grey and cream, thus these often feature in his outfits.

Al Bazar di Lino Ieluzzi[edit]

Lino has been involved with Al Bazar since at least the 1970s, when he was an employee. At this point, it was still a store selling mainly denim. At some point Lino took over the store and started to change its market, wanting the store to challenge famous haberdasheries like M. Bardelli, which was at that time the place to be for wealthy young men to buy their suits. He started to go out a lot, to famous Milanese clubs like Nepentha and Charlie Max, so as to get to know his proposed customers. Seeing as people still dressed up to go out in these days, this necessitated the need for smart clothing. This is why Lino started carrying jackets and popovers in his store. Through the years, this slowly shifted into the present-day offerings of the store, consisting solely of items Lino likes and wears himself. He has been quoted with saying 'We can't be appreciated by everyone. Hence it is useless to make a product hoping that everyone will enjoy it. It is almost impossible. For this reason, I sell what I like and wear everyday.' This philosophy is well reflected in Al Bazar.

Rise to Fame[edit]

Ieluzzi has been a longtime attendee of the menswear show Pitti Uomo, which is organised in Florence every January and June. Along with the larger interest in menswear, more people started to attend this show. One of them was Scott Schuman from 'The Sartorialist', who photographed him there and wrote a couple of articles on him, instantly making Ieluzzi known in men's fashion circles around the world.

Personal life[edit]

Not much is known about Ieluzzi's personal life, because he keeps it mostly private. However, we do know that he was married for a few years, that he has a daughter (Fabrizia, former wife of Matteo Salvini)[1], and he's currently single. He had a black Labrador, Dudley, who appeared with him in several magazines. Today he has a blond Labrador, Tommy, to which he appears to be very close and who appears on Lino's social media channels very often.


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