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Linode, LLC
IndustryCloud computing, web services, Internet hosting services
Founded2003; 19 years ago (2003)
HeadquartersPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Area served
Key people
Christopher Aker
(founder and CEO)
ProductsCloud-hosting provider
Virtual private servers
Revenue$100 million
Number of employees
ParentAkamai Technologies

Linode, LLC (/ˈlɪnd/)[1] is an American cloud hosting provider that focuses on providing Linux powered virtual machines to support a wide range of applications. It was acquired by Akamai Technologies on March 21, 2022.[2]

Back in 2003, at the time of its launch, Linode was considered ahead of its time with virtualization hosting. It has grown into a multinational corporation serving more than 800,000 customers from 196 countries. Linode server locations are optimized for serving a global audience in terms of reducing latency and improving UX.


Linode (a portmanteau of the words Linux and node) was founded by Christopher Aker, launching in mid 2003. Aker is a graduate of Full Sail University in Florida.

Linode transitioned from UML to Xen virtualization in March 2008, and then to KVM in mid-2015. It launched its data backup service in 2009. NodeBalancer, a load-balancing service, launched in July 2011. Linode released Linode Managed, an incident response service designed for businesses, in 2013.

Linode opened its first data centers in Fremont, and Dallas in 2003. It subsequently opened its regions in Atlanta in 2007, Newark in 2008, London in 2009, Tokyo[3] in 2011 and 2016, Frankfurt[4] and Singapore[5] in 2015, and Toronto,[6] Mumbai,[7][8] and Sydney[9] in 2019.

Linode moved its headquarters to Philadelphia in 2018.

On February 15, 2022, Akamai Technologies announced that they will be acquiring Linode for approximately $900 million.[10] It was acquired on March 21,2022.

Products and services[edit]

Its flagship products are cloud-hosting services with multiple packages at different price points.[11] As of November 2019, Linode offers five kinds of computing services geared towards specific needs of the customers like high memory requirements, dedicated CPU, or GPU, or general purpose usage. Linode Block Storage allows users to extend their server storage capacity with volumes on demand.[12] Linode Backup allows customers to backup their servers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.[11] Linode Manager and NodeBalancer both allow users to manage multiple server instances across a single system.[11]

In September 2013, Linode launched Longview, an analysis package for Linux.[13] Linode launched its S3-Compatible Object Storage service in late October 2019 to enable customers to store large unstructured data. On November 11, 2019, at CNCF KubeCon, Linode announced the availability of its managed Kubernetes engine service.[14][15][11]


  • Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) - Kubernetes containers as a service application.
  • GPU - On-demand cloud GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) compute configurations for parallel processing workloads such as machine learning, scientific computing, and video processing.
  • Dedicated CPU - Dedicated CPU instances run on their own CPU cores in the Linode infrastructure. No sharing the processor with other customers.
  • High Memory - High Memory compute configurations to run memory-intensive applications.
  • Shared Linodes - A balanced compute configuration for a wide range of cloud applications.
  • Nanode - $5/month entry level compute package to run a fully functioning Linux distribution.


  • Linode Object Storage - Highly available and scalable S3-Compatible object storage to store unstructured data.
  • Linode Block Storage - Block storage to store data in volumes, or blocks, which act as individual hard disk drives (HDD).
  • Linode Backups - Automatic data backup service.


  • VPC - Virtual private cloud for managing the software defined network of cloud resources.
  • VLAN - Virtual local area network
  • DDoS Protection - Detection and mitigation of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) infrastructure attacks.
  • NodeBalancers - Software-defined, managed service for load balancing the traffic.
  • DNS Manager - Managed Domain Name System (DNS) service on Linode infrastructure.
  • Next Generation Network - Linodes modern worldwide network infrastructure which interconnects global data centers via a private fiber backbone.

Management tools[edit]

  • Cloud Manager - A user- and mobile-friendly interface to deploy and manage Linode virtual machines, configure networking, and control user accounts.
  • Linode API - API (Application Programming Interface) for programmatic access to the Linode platform.
  • Linode CLI - CLI (Command Line Interface) account access from for managing Linode infrastructure.
  • Images - Create customer Linux images to make scaling easier.
  • StackScripts - Automatically customize Linode infrastructure deployments with StackScripts.
  • Monitoring - Analyze infrastructure performance, track transfer usage, and create custom alerts.

Professional services[edit]

  • Managed - An incident response service to help businesses cut out costly downtime.
  • Professional Services - Cloud consulting to help you architect your services, carry out site migrations, and deploy software.


Linode is a recipient of the Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service.[16] In 2019, Linode was awarded a Top Workplaces honor by The Philadelphia Inquirer.[17] Linode’s headquarters building received the 2019 Grand Jury Award from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.[18][19] The building, built-in 1902, is a Philadelphia landmark, named on Philadelphia’s registrar of historic places, and was once an MTV Real World house.[20]

Global network[edit]

Linode operates 11 data centers around the world, connected by the company’s Next Generation Network and extensive peering arrangements.[21] IPv6 is fully enabled on all of Linode’s supported operating systems and free DDoS protection is included on all of the company’s virtual machines.[22]

Regions and data centers[edit]

As of Q2 2020, Linode Cloud is available in 11 regions leveraging 11 Data Centers.[23] A region is a specific geographical location where users can deploy cloud resources.

Regions Location Launch Date
1 Dallas, TX. USA Q2,2003
2 Fremont, CA. USA Q4, 2003
3 Atlanta, GA. USA Q1, 2007
4 Newark, NJ. USA Q2, 2008
5 London, England Q4, 2009
6 Tokyo, Japan Q3, 2011
7 Singapore, Singapore Q2, 2015
8 Frankfurt, Germany Q3, 2015
9 Toronto, Canada Q2, 2019
10 Mumbai, India Q2, 2019
11 Sydney, Australia Q3, 2019

Security incidents[edit]

The accounts of eight Linode customers that held Bitcoin electronic currency were compromised in March 2012.[24] Roughly 40,000 bitcoins were stolen.[24]

Hack The Planet (HTP) accessed Linode's web servers in 2013.[25][26][27] The group exploited a technical vulnerability in Adobe's ColdFusion application server.[25][26] Linode said that HTP could not decrypt any financially sensitive information and reset all account passwords.[25][27] Linode announced plans to introduce two-step authentication for its services in May 2013.[28]

Starting Christmas Day 2015 and continuing until January 10th, Linode was hit by large and frequent DDoS attacks, which were being caused by a "bad actor" purchasing large amounts of botnet capacity in an attempt to significantly damage Linode's business.[29] Linode was the victim of another severe DDoS attack over the 2016 Labor Day weekend.[30]

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