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Linor Goralik

Linor Goralik, Russian: Лино́р Гора́лик, born Yuliya Borisovna Goralik, Russian: Юлия Борисовна Горалик on 9 July 1975,[1] Dnepropetrovsk, Ukrainian SSR) is a Russian-speaking flash fiction author, poet and essayist.


She was born on 9 July 1975 in Dnepropetrovsk, East Ukraine, in a Jewish family.[1] From 1982 to 1986 she studied in school # 67, and from 1987 to 1989 in school # 23.[2] From 1989 she has been residing in Israel where she studied computer science in 1991—1994 at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba.

Since early 2000s she is working in Moscow as an author, journalist and business analyst.[3] She has also translated works of Etgar Keret and Vytautas Pliura (with Stanislav Lvovsky), organized several art exhibitions and projects.

Anti-homophobia activist[edit]

In February 2013 she recorded an address to support the Russian LGBT community.[4]

Selected works[edit]

  • The Book of Quotations, "Цитатник" (poems, 1999, ISBN 5-7559-0048-5)
  • Outsiders, "Не местные" (2003, ISBN 5-94128-071-8)
  • No (alternative English title - PG-21), "Нет" (novel, with Sergey Kuznetsov, 2004, ISBN 5-94278-419-1)
  • Half the Sky, "Половина неба" (novel, with Stanislav Lvovsky, ISBN 5-94145-266-7)
  • Speaks, "Говорит" (2004, ISBN 5-94128-090-4)
  • Meals not for Kids, "Недетская еда" (2004, ISBN 5-94282-231-X)
  • The Book of Lonelinesses, "Книга одиночеств" (2004, with Max Frei)
  • A Hollow Woman. Barbie's World Inside and Outside, "Полая женщина. Мир Барби: изнутри и снаружи" (2005, ISBN 5-86793-418-7)
  • Martin Isn't Crying, "Мартин не плачет" (fable, 2007, ISBN 5-86793-508-6)
  • Pull the Hook Hard, Petrusha, "Подсекай, Петруша" (poems, 2007, ISBN 5-86856-139-2)
  • Meals not for Kids. Without Desserts, "Недетская еда. Без сладкого" (2007, ISBN 978-5-94282-408-2)
  • Bunny FLRE, "Заяц ПЦ" (comics, 2007, ISBN 978-5-9689-0099-9)
  • Bunny FLRE 2.0, "Заяц ПЦ 2.0" (comics, 2008)
  • In Short, "Короче" (flash fiction, 2008, ISBN 978-5-86793-617-4)
  • Agatha Goes Home, "Агата возвращается домой" (fable, 2008, ISBN 978-5-9689-0150-7)
  • Bunny FLRE 3.0, "Заяц ПЦ 3.0" (comics, 2008)
  • Valery, "Валерий" (novelette, 2011)
  • The Folklore of the Sector M1 Inhabitants, "Устное народное творчество обитателей сектора М1" (flash fiction and poems, 2011)
  • The Bible Zoo, "Библейский зоопарк". Серия "Чейсовская коллекция". М.: Текст, 2012.
  • A Guide to Israel (only and exclusively) for Kids, "Путеводитель по Израилю (только и исключительно) для детей". Текст, 2013.
  • So It Was A Whistle, "Так это был гудочек" (poems, 2015, ISBN 978-9934-14-555-1)


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