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Original author(s) Joseph Albahari
Stable release
5.10.1 / 14 November 2016; 13 months ago (2016-11-14)
Operating system Windows
Type Developer utility
License Freeware, proprietary

LINQPad is a software utility targeted at Microsoft .NET development. It is used to interactively query SQL databases (among other data sources such as OData or WCF Data Services) using LINQ, as well as interactively writing C# code without the need for an IDE. This expands its use to a general "test workbench" where C# code can be quickly prototyped outside of Visual Studio. It can also be used to write code in the VB.NET, SQL and F# languages.

This product is freemium, keeping the C# auto-complete feature disabled until the user purchases a license.[1]

LINQPad supports the following LINQ dialects:

  • Entity Framework
  • LINQ to Objects
  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to XML

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