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Linus Entertainment is a multi-faceted music company operating as an independent record label, distributor and music publisher. While founded in Mississauga, Ontario, Linus spent many years in Burlington, Ontario before recently moving operations to Waterdown, Ontario a community within the city of Hamilton, Ontario Canada.


The company was founded in 2001 by President Geoff Kulawick, who previously served as head of A&R for Virgin Records/EMI Music Canada and as the creative head of Warner/Chappell Music Canada.

Growth and acquisitions[edit]

Linus Entertainment has grown to acquire a controlling interest in global music distributor IDLA (Independent Digital Licensing Agency) in 2010, and in 2007 acquired Canada’s oldest and largest independent record label, True North Records with partners Harvey Glatt and Michael Pilon. It was also In 2010 that Linus acquired multi-award winning The Children’s Group Inc, home of the worldwide bestselling children’s series Classical Kids led by multi-platinum title Beethoven Lives Upstairs. In 2013, Linus Entertainment acquired even more Canadian Rock & Roll History, including famed 1980’s rock label Solid Gold Records and several hit albums from the Mushroom Records catalog by Chilliwack and Doucette. Many gold and platinum selling releases were a part of this acquisition, including bands: Toronto, Holly Woods, Headpins, Sattalites, and Chilliwack.

Artist Roster[edit]

Some of the best-selling artists on the Linus Entertainment roster include: Randy Bachman, Gordon Lightfoot, Downchild, Elizabeth Shepherd, Sophie Milman, Gowan, The Nylons, Ashley MacIsaac, and Lunch At Allen’s.

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