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The Linux Kongress was an annual conference of Linux developers from around the world, that took place every year from 1994 to 2010. It started as a two-day conference in 1994, when Linux was in the early stages of development, and by 2003 had become a four-day event. It occurred every year in Germany except 2001 and 2007. During its lifespan, Linux-Kongress was one of the three major international grass-roots Linux and Open Source conferences in the world, along with and Ottawa Linux Symposium.

The focus of Linux-Kongress was development topics, either in kernel or user space. The conference language was English. By the end, the event consisted of two days of conference preceded by two days of tutorials.

Notable speakers[edit]

The conference was a meeting place for many different types of developers. Speakers at the conference included kernel developers like Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, Theodore Ts'o, Rusty Russell, James Bottomley, user space developers like Kalle Dalheimer and Miguel de Icaza, and open source advocates like Eric S. Raymond and Jon Hall.


In 1999 the conference cooperated with the Storage Management Workshop. In 2000 and 2001 there were several multi-day workshops sponsored by the German Ministry of Science and Education that preceded the conference. Also there was collaboration with NLUUG. In 2009 it was co-located with the OpenSolaris Developer Conference OSDevCon.

The conference was organized by the German Unix User Group (GUUG). In 2011, GUUG decided not to hold a Linux Kongress, and instead focus its resources on LinuxCon Europe. There has not been a Linux Kongress since.

Date Country Town Location Remark
June 31–July 1, 1994  Germany Heidelberg
May 21–23 1995  Germany Berlin
May 23–24 1996  Germany Berlin Haus am Koellnischen Park in Berlin (Tagungszentrum Berlin Mitte)
May 21–23 1997  Germany Würzburg Fortress Marienberg
June 3–6 1998  Germany Cologne Cologne University
September 8–10 1999  Germany Augsburg University of Augsburg
September 7–10 2000  Germany Erlangen Technical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg Collaboration with NLUUG
November 28–30 2001  Netherlands Twente University of Twente Collaboration with NLUUG
September 4–6 2002  Germany Cologne Physics Institutes of the University of Cologne Collaboration with NLUUG
October 14–17 2003  Germany Saarbrücken University of Saarland
September 7–10 2004  Germany Erlangen Technical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
October 11–14 2005  Germany Hamburg University of Hamburg
September 5–8 2006  Germany Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm University Nuremberg
September 2–5 2007  United Kingdom Cambridge University Arms Hotel Merged with
October 7–10 2008  Germany Hamburg University of Hamburg
October 27–30 2009  Germany Dresden Dorinth Hotel Co-located with OSDevCon
September 21–24 2010  Germany Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm University Nuremberg

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