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The following is a list of computer conferences and other events focused on the development and usage of free and open source software (FOSS).

General free-software events[edit]

Some events with "Linux" in their name are in fact general-purpose free-software events, often because they began as Linux-only events before broadening their focus.

North and South America[edit]


Asia and Australia[edit]

Middle East[edit]



Events for specific free software[edit]

Operating systems[edit]

  • BeGeistert - conference for the Haiku operating system, held annually in Europe since 1998 (originally a BeOS conference)
  • DebConf - conference for the Debian operating system, held annually since 2000
  • LinuxCon, conference held several times each year in various continents since 2009
  • Linux Kernel Developers Summit, annual conference since 2001
  • Ubuntu Developer Summit, held twice a year (timed with respect to Ubuntu releases) since 2004, to date alternating between Europe and North America.

Programming languages[edit]

  • PyCon - conference for the Python programming language, held several times a year in different locations since 2003
  • RubyConf - conference for the Ruby programming language, held once a year in different locations since 2002
  • Yet Another Perl Conference - conference for the Perl programming language, held several times a year since 1999




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