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The Linzer Aach is a river in Linzgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is approximately 52 kilometres long and flows into Lake Constance. It has a catchment area of 287 km ² and is part of the Rhine river system. In its middle reaches the river is also known as the Salemer Aach or Hintere Aach[1][2]

Right tributaries of the river include the Herdenbach, Wäschbach, Torpenbach and Nellenflurb. Left tributaries include the Furtbach, Erlengraben, Aubach, Deggenhauser Aach and Gießbach rivers.


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Coordinates: 47°43′59″N 9°13′35″E / 47.7331°N 9.2264°E / 47.7331; 9.2264