Linzi District

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This article is about the modern city. For the ancient Chinese capital, see Ancient Linzi.

The Linzi District (simplified Chinese: 临淄区; pinyin: Línzī Qū) is part of Zibo, a prefecture-level city central Shandong province, China.

Linzi was the capital of ancient State of Qi during the Zhou Dynasty.

There are many petro-chemical refineries in this area, some which are located in hills to the south of the commercial district. The area also includes agricultural land.

Linzi is one of the most highly developed industrial districts in north China with the highest GDP in Shandong Province.

People from Linzi[edit]

  1. Zuo Si (左思), poet of the Western Jin
  2. Zuo Fen (左芬), poet of the Western Jin

Coordinates: 36°49′N 118°18′E / 36.817°N 118.300°E / 36.817; 118.300