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Lion Music is a production company and record label founded in 1989 by composer and artist Lars Eric Mattsson.

Lion Music
Lion Music logo.jpg
Founded 1989
Founder Lars Eric Mattsson
Status active
Genre Progressive Metal, Neoclassical metal, Hard Rock
Official website


Lion Music was founded in 1989 by Lars Eric Mattsson as a production company to handle production and licensing for his records in Europe, the United States, and Asia, where a number of deals were signed. After some serious problems with certain labels in the early 90s, Mattsson took a few years off and concentrated on the building of his own studio, as well as a number of other things.

The first releases were Vision's "Till the End of Time" (1997), reissues of Mattsson’s "No Surrender", Vision’s debut album (1998), and Mattsson's solo album Obsession (1998).

In January 2000 Lion Music released Alex Masi's In the Name of Bach and Matsson's Another Dimension.

Branching out[edit]

Since this period, Lion Music has operated as a record label with regular releases and seen its roster of artists grow considerably, and they offer varied musical genres and styles. They are a participant in progressive and power metal circles. Lion Music has also branched out into other genres, such AOR/Melodic hard rock, fusion and classic hard rock.

Lion Music has released several tribute albums to Jason Becker, Shawn Lane, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix, Uli Jon Roth, and Gary Moore. Lion Music's current release schedule sees an average of 9 releases per year, including singles, compilations, reissues, and full-length albums.[1]

Lion Music announced that due to ongoing piracy they would stop signing new artists until the problem has been resolved.[2]

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