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The Lion sermon is an annual sermon preached on 16 October at 13:00 at St Katharine Cree in the City of London.[1] The sermon has traditionally been preached on the theme of 'challenges to the Christian faith'.[2]

The sermon commemorates the memory of Sir John Gayer, Lord Mayor of London in the 17th century.[1] Gayer was faced with a lion in the Syrian desert, prayed for mercy, and the lion left without harming him. In gratitude Gayer endowed St Katharine Cree with a fund to preach a sermon in memory of this event, gave money to charities, and bought a font for the church inscribed with his coat of arms.[1]

In 2013, Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, was the first woman in 371 years to give the Lion Sermon. She named the three pillars of Liberty as Dignity, Equality and Fairness.


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