Lionel Bradley Pett

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Lionel Bradley Pett
Born November 12, 1909
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Died 2003
Residence Canada
Alma mater University of Toronto
Scientific career
Fields nutrition, vitamins
Thesis The enzymatic breakdown of phosphoric acid esters. (1934)

Lionel Bradley Pett (November 12, 1909- 2003) was a Canadian biochemist and nutritionist.[1][2][3]

Academic career[edit]

Pett earned a BSA from Ontario Agriculture College, an MA and a PhD from University of Toronto before an MD from the University of Alberta. He worked at the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta before moving to the Nutrition Division of the Department of Pensions and Health in Ottawa, Ontario.

After his death, the questions were raised about the ethics of post-war experimentation he carried out with Frederick Tisdall involving First Nations communities.[4] The experiments appear to pre-date the 1966 seminal paper by Henry K. Beecher on the nature of informed consent and have become known as the First Nations nutrition experiments. Pett has been defended by his son.[3]

Selected works[edit]


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