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Lionheart may refer to:


  • "Richard the Lionheart", a name for Richard I of England
  • " Brendon 'Lionheart' Hartley" is a nickname given to motor racing driver Brendon Hartley
  • "Lionheart" is a former nickname of professional wrestler Chris Jericho
  • "Dan Wheldon" was a race car driver who had a Lionheart decal with the English flag on the back of every racing helmet he had
  • "Lion-Heart", nickname of English professional kickboxer Abdul Ali (born 1969), also known as Ali Jacko
  • "Lionheart", nickname of Anthony Smith (born 1988), a mixed martial artist
  • "Lionheart (wrestler)", the ring name of British professional wrestler Adrian McCallum
  • "Lionheart", a cat from the Warrior cats books

In music:

In film, TV and radio:

In video games:


  • LionHeart (registered charity), RICS Benevolent Fund Ltd
  • Lionheart, a character in Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats novel series
  • Lionheart (comics), a Marvel Comics character
  • Lionheart (comic character), created by Tom Stazer
  • Lionheart, a DC Comics character in the "Bloodlines" crossover
  • Lionheart, a historical novel by American author Sharon Kay Penman
  • In Italian, Lionheart translates as Corleone
  • Lion.Hearts, a 2009 Chinese-language TV series produced by Malaysia and Singapore
  • Exercise Lionheart; Largest peace time exercise ever for the British Army (as part of NATO) in Western Europe in September 1984