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Lionheart, Lion Heart, or Lion's Heart may refer to:


  • Richard the Lionheart, a name for Richard I of England
  • Lionheart, a nickname given to motor racing driver Brendon Hartley
  • Lionheart, a former nickname of professional wrestler Chris Jericho
  • Dan Wheldon, a race car driver who had a Lionheart decal with the English flag on the back of every racing helmet he had
  • Lion-Heart, nickname of English professional kickboxer Abdul Ali (born 1969), also known as Ali Jacko
  • Lionheart, nickname of Anthony Smith (born 1988), a mixed martial artist
  • Lionheart (wrestler), the ring name of British professional wrestler Adrian McCallum




  • "Lionheart", by Demi Lovato on her 2015 album Confident
  • "Lionheart", by Battle Beast on their 2015 album Unholy Savior
  • "Lionheart", by Blind Guardian on their 2006 album A Twist in the Myth
  • "Lionheart", by Canadian punk rock band PUP on their self-titled 2013 album PUP
  • "Lionheart", by Boston hardcore band Have Heart
  • "King and Lionheart", by Of Monsters and Men on their 2011 album My Head is an Animal
  • "Lion Heart" (song), by SNSD Girls Generation on their 2015 album Lion Heart
  • "Lion Heart", by Swiss heavy metal band Krokus from their 1995 album To Rock or Not to Be

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