Liotard Glacier

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Liotard Glacier
Adelie Land in Antarctica.svg
Location of Adelie Land in Antarctica
Map showing the location of Liotard Glacier
Map showing the location of Liotard Glacier
Location of Liotard Glacier in Antarctica
LocationAdélie Land
Coordinates66°37′S 139°30′E / 66.617°S 139.500°E / -66.617; 139.500
Length6 nmi (11 km; 7 mi)
Width3 nmi (6 km; 3 mi)
TerminusRavin Bay

Liotard Glacier (66°37′S 139°30′E / 66.617°S 139.500°E / -66.617; 139.500Coordinates: 66°37′S 139°30′E / 66.617°S 139.500°E / -66.617; 139.500) is a channel glacier in Antarctica. It is about 3 nautical miles (6 km) wide and 6 nautical miles (11 km) long, and flows north-northeast from the continental ice, terminating in a small ice tongue about 4 nautical miles (7 km) west of Hélène Island. The glacier was delineated from air photos taken by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump, 1946–47, and was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Andre-Frank Liotard, the leader of the French Antarctic Expedition, 1949–51, whose group completed the initial survey of the coastal features as far westward as this glacier.[1][2]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Liotard Glacier" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).