Liugui District, Kaohsiung

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Coordinates: 22°59′49″N 120°38′54″E / 22.996955°N 120.648315°E / 22.996955; 120.648315

Liougui District[1]
Liugui District in Kaohsiung City
Liugui District in Kaohsiung City
Country Taiwan
Region Southern Taiwan
Population (January 2016)
 • Total 13,435
Website Official Website (in Chinese)

Liougui District (Chinese: 六龜區; Hanyu Pinyin: Liùguī Qū; Tongyong Pinyin: Liòuguei Cyu; Wade–Giles: Liu4-kuei1 Ch'ü1) is a rural district of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It is the third largest district in Kaohsiung City after Tauyuan District and Namasia District.


Japanese Era[edit]

The former name of the area is Lakkuli (Chinese: 六龜里社; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: La̍k-ku-lí-siā).[2] In 1902, in the early Japanese era, the area was administered as "Lakkuli Village" (六龜里庄). In 1910, it was modified to Rokkiri Subprefecture (Japanese: 六龜里支廳), Akō Prefecture (阿緱廳). In 1920, it was under Rokuki Village (六龜庄), Heitō District (屏東郡), Takao Prefecture. In 1932, Rokuki was annexed into Kizan District (旗山郡) under Takao Prefecture.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Liougui District consists of 12 villages.

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