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Lipót Baumhorn (Hungarian: Baumhorn Lipót, German: Leopold Baumhorn, December 28, 1860, Kisbér - July 8, 1932, Kisbér) was a Hungarian architect.

Szeged Synagogue
Gmach Synagogue
"Politehnica" University's main building, the "Lloyd Palace", situated in Victoria square
The former synagogue in Esztergom
Dome of the Szeged Synagogue
Novi Sad Synagogue


Baumhorn studied in Vienna under Freiherr von Ferstel, who was the designer of the Votive Church there. He set up a practice after further study under Ödön Lechner. His style ranged from historicism to those inspired by the rising nationalism of the times. He designed over twenty synagogues.


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