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Lip is an Australian interdisciplinary feminist art journal, published between 1976 and 1984.[1] The magazine was self-published by a feminist collective, bringing, during the Women’s Liberation era.[2] The magazine was based in Carlton, Victoria.[3]

Lip, A Feminist Arts Journal published a very wide range of feminist positions and interdisciplinary art forms,[4] connecting the local scene to a more international network.[5]

The Lip collective organized shows, curated critical essays, and published Lip, A Feminist Arts Journal, the Earthworks Poster Collective, The Women’s Theatre Group, The Women’s Film Group.

New incarnation[edit]

A magazine known lip has been published since 2013 by Lip Media Inc., a not-for-profit organisation]]. It is self-described as "an independent magazine for young women that aims to provide intelligent, thoughtful content for our equally intelligent and thoughtful readers". It is also an interdisciplinary and feminist magazine, covering the arts, news, fashion and culture.[6]



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