Lip frenulum piercing

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Lip frenulum
Smiling Woman With Upper Lip Frenulum Piercing.jpg
Nicknamessmiley, scumper, frowny
LocationF. labii superioris
JewelryBarbell, captive bead ring
Healing6 to 8 weeks

A lip frenulum piercing is a body piercing through the frenulum of either the upper or lower lip. A piercing through the upper lip frenulum is sometimes called a scrumper, or a smiley, because it is usually seen when smiling.[1] Opposingly, the piercing through the lower lip frenulum is sometimes referred to as a frowny.

History and culture[edit]

Both variations on this piercing are of contemporary origin. Although they are known to have existed prior, first documented photograph[citation needed] of an upper lip frenulum piercing was an image of body modification practitioner Steve Haworth in a German magazine in the mid 1990s.

Risks of smiley piercing[edit]

You may face the problem of gum and teeth erosion. You may see it damaging the teeth enamel. You must be careful while selecting jewelry for your Smiley Piercing. The jewelry may keep slamming against the teeth and gums causing gum recession and teeth erosion.

Secondly, always select jewelry made with the hypoallergenic material. You may find jewelry migrating from its original location. You may also have some infection if you do not spend time in learning about jewelry made with hypoallergenic material.[2][3]


Smiley Piercing - A guide to this upper lip frenulum piercing.

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