Lipa local elections, 2013

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Lipa mayoral election, 2013

2010 ←
May 13, 2013 → 2016

Nominee Meynardo Sabili Lydio Lopez, Jr. Merlo Silva
Party Liberal UNA PMP
Running mate Eric Africa Marlon Luancing Avior Rocafort

Incumbent Mayor

Meynardo Sabili

Local elections will be held in Lipa City on May 13, 2013 within the Philippine general election. The voters will elect for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, and ten councilors.

Mayoral and vice mayoral election[edit]

Incumbent Mayor Meynardo Sabili decided to run for reelection under the Liberal Party. He was elected as Mayor in 2010 defeating then incumbent Oscar L. Gozos despite his disqualification due to his residency. Sabili is from San Juan, Batangas, but it is stated in his certificate of candidacy that Sabili was a registered voter in Pinagtongulan. His running mate is councilor Eric Africa.

One of Sabili's opponents is the outgoing Vice Mayor Lydio Lopez, Jr.(running under the [United Nationalist Alliance])whose running mate is the Chairman of Barangay Antipolo del Sur and incumbent Liga ng mga Barangay President Marlon Luancing. Another opponent is the top councilor of Lipa (from the 2010 Elections), Merlo Silva running with incumbent three-time Lipa City councilor Avior Rocafort both under the party PMP (Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino) centering their platforms on the general masses or the marginalized populace of the city.


Mayoral and vice-mayoral[edit]

Administration Coalition[edit]

Liberal Party/Team Sabili-Africa ticket
Name Party
Meynardo A. Sabili (Incumbent mayor) Liberal
Eric Africa (Vice-mayor) Liberal

Primary Opposition Coalition[edit]

UNA/Team Lead U ticket
Name Party
Lydio Lopez, Jr. (Mayor/Incumbent Vice Mayor) UNA
Marlon Luancing (Vice-mayor) UNA

City Council election[edit]

Voting is via plurality-at-large voting: Voters vote for ten (10) candidates and the ten candidates with the highest amount of votes are elected.

Retiring and Term limited candidates as follow:

Administration coalition[edit]

Liberal Party/Team Sabili-Africa ticket
Name Party
Kathleen Briones Liberal
Josef Frederik Dijan Liberal
Francisco Fajutagana Liberal
Pacita Leviste Liberal
Donato Linatoc Liberal
Mark Aries Luancing Liberal
Renato Malleta Independent
Mario Medina Independent
Nonato Monfero Independent
Joel Pua Liberal

Primary opposition coalition[edit]

United Nationalist Alliance/Team Lead U ticket
Name Party
Leonilo Catipon NPC
Bernardine Go UNA
Ma. Concepcion Hernandez UNA
Guillermo Ilagan NPC
Juan Lat UNA
Aries Macala NPC
Eleno Mea UNA
Aries Emmanuel Mendoza NPC
Raul Montealto NPC
Nicasio Virrey UNA


The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes wins the seat; they are voted separately, therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

Mayoral and vice mayoral elections[edit]

Lipa City mayoral election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Meynardo Sabili 50,140 54.27
UNA Lydio Lopez, Jr. 38,519 41.69
PMP Merlo Silva 2,996 3.24
Independent Lyn Dimaano 590 0.64
Independent Roy Sanggalang 152 0.16
Total votes 95,136 100.00
Liberal hold
Lipa City Vice Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Eric Africa 38,280 42.65
NPC Ralph Peter Umali 20,865 23.25
UNA Marlon Luancing 14,969 16.68
PMP Avior Rocafort 10,106 11.26
Independent Mario Panganiban 5,534 6.17
Total votes 95,136 '
Liberal gain from UNA

City Council election[edit]

Voting is via plurality-at-large voting: Voters vote for ten (10) candidates and the ten candidates with the highest amount of votes are elected.

Lipa City Council election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Kathleen Briones
Liberal Mark Aries Luancing
NPC Ma. Concepcion Hernandez
NPC Aries Emmanuel Mendoza
Liberal Joel Pua
NPC Raul Montealto
Liberal Pacita Leviste
NPC Leonilo Catipon
Independent Nonato Monfero
Liberal Donato Linatoc
NPC Aries Macala
Liberal Josef Frederik Dijan
Independent Mario Medina
NPC Guillermo Ilagan
Liberal Francisco Fajutagana
Independent Renato Malleta
PMP Ariel Africa
UNA Eleno Mea
UNA Bernardine Go
UNA Nicasio Virrey
UNA Juan Lat
PMP Edwin Katigbak
PMP Ricardo Leyesa
Independent Larry Maparangalan
PMP Larsil Cueto
PMP Apolinar Salvacion
Independent Leo Ona
Independent Ramir Bathan
PMP Ronald Allan Mangao
PMP Gina Sabater
PMP Rodelio Dimaano
PMP Luisito Papilla
Independent Mario Albalate
Total votes ' '


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