Lipgloss (TV series)

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Genre Teen drama
Developed by Prime Events Force Unlimited
Directed by Chris Pablo
Aleah Aliporo Eugenio
Starring Rodjun Cruz
Mikee Lee
Fred Payawan
Kevin Lapena
Charina Suzara
Maxene Eigenmann
Louise delos Reyes
Opening theme "So Fab" by Carla dela Rosa
Ending theme "So Fab" by Carla dela Rosa
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of seasons 4
Running time 1 hour
Original network TV5
First shown in TV5
Original release August 16, 2008 – August 29, 2009
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Lipgloss was a Philippine TV series which first aired on August 16, 2008 on TV5.

It was tagged as a Filipino adaptation of the popular American TV series, Gossip Girl.

The show's first season had its finale on November 8, 2008. Season 2 immediately premiered on November 15, 2008. Season 3 premiered on February 14, 2009. Season 4, the final season, ended in August 29, 2009.

The show's theme song was very similar to – and was directly inspired by – the song "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama.


Lipgloss was a teenage drama series, following the lives of the rich and infamous students of the ultra-exclusive Linden High, through the school's unofficial website.


Season 1[edit]

Season 1 kicks off with best friends Abby and Meg competing for Jake. He is in love with Meg, but is dating Abby. Jake chooses Meg and ends his relationship with Abby.

The whole cast is introduced. Julivee is new in Linden and becomes best friends with Louise, who is a popular ice skater. They then meet siblings Ziggy and Edge Borja. Steph is introduced as the meanest girl in school. Maui is Jake's friend. Jiggo is Jake's half-brother. Ziggy gets hit by a car and dies. Kyle mourns over her death. We learn that Kyle is the administrator of the site Lipgloss. Kyle is never to be seen again in the series.

Season 2[edit]

Season Two is filled with love-related conflicts. Jake and Abby are together again, but their parents don't approve so they decide to live on their own. Meg and Edge break up because Sarah, Edge's ex-girlfriend returns to woo him back. Meg finds a new boyfriend in actor Nikko Lopez. Julivee develops a crush on Caloy, their driver's son. Caloy's best friend, Poknat, joins in on the fun and provides comic relief. Jose Mari is introduced as Julivee's would-be husband. However, Jose Mari turns out to be gay and gets closer with Caloy instead. Louise gets into a relationship with her middle-aged school professor, Mr. Aldrich Quinto.

Season 3[edit]

Abby and Jake break up because of Jake's boss Camille who steals him from her. Meg to the hands of his bodyguard Santi, who develops feelings for her. Maui falls for Carla who is also courted by Poknat. Louise and Aldrich break up because Aldrich returns to his ex-fiancee Rose. Introducing in the mid-season is Camille and Rose's brother Brent who wants Louise. Meanwhile, it is Edge and Louise who end up together. Julivee meets Brazilian Patrice whom they use to make Jose Mari a boy again.

A devastating accident kills two main characters — Maui and Meg.

Season 4[edit]

The fourth and final season shows the senior year of the students at Linden, including repeater Abby Rickson, who has finally moved on from Jake and Camille. Brent starts courting Louise, but finds competition in his long-time best friend, Chip, to whom he owes a big debt. Julivee gets jealous over Janna, a girl who Caloy meets. Carla tries to move on from Maui. Edge meets a beautiful princess, Ava, whom he falls for.

The finale shows the love teams ending up with each other: Abby and Jake, Louise and Brent, Ava and Edge.


Original cast[edit]

Season 2 additions[edit]

Season 3 additions[edit]

Season 4 additions[edit]

  • Lovi Poe as Princess Ava
  • Regine Angeles as Charlene Rickson
  • Cherry Ann Kubota as Allona Rickson
  • Enz Guazon as Chip Ledesma
  • Benj Besa as Knoxx
  • Rhen Escano as Jana

Extended cast[edit]

  • Christian Vasquez as Aldrich Quintos
  • Rachel Lobangco as Abby's mom
  • Ricardo Cepeda as Congressman Perez
  • Debraliz as Julie (Julivee's mom)
  • Lloyd Samartino as Meg's dad
  • Daiana Menezes as Patrice
  • Miguel de las Cagigas as Prince Drew
  • Lorenzo Mara as Edge's dad
  • Lian Paz as Rose Borromeo
  • Emilio Garcia
  • Macy Garcia



Lipgloss closely resembled the hit American TV show Gossip Girl, prompting people to label it as a rip-off of the iconic series. Many said that the show's plot imitated that of Gossip GirlGossip Girl spread the gossip about the main characters, the website administrator does the same in Lipgloss.


In the middle of the second season, Sam Concepcion and Cheska Ortega left the show. Matt Evans and Carlo Guevara were then added to the cast.

Lovi Poe's contract with her home network, GMA Network, initially did not allow her to become part of Lipgloss. An exception was made and she appeared in the show's final season . Aside from Lipgloss, TV5 offered Poe to star in the remake of Cofradia. This project did not push through.

Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus housemates Robi Domingo, Ejay Falcon, and Josef Elizalde were all considered to join in Season 4 of Lipgloss. However, because of Domingo's schedule with MYX and his other commitments with ABS-CBN, only Falcon and Elizalde made it to the show.

This was Czarina Suzara's first TV appearance — the second being the 2012 version of Valiente.


  • Winner, Best Youth Oriented Program — 2010 PMPC Star Awards for TV
  • Nominated, Best Youth Oriented Program — 2008-2009 PMPC Star Awards for TV


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