Lipik (crater)

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Lipik Crater
Lipik Crater Channels.jpg
Lipik Crater Channels, as seen by THEMIS.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 38°25′S 248°26′W / 38.42°S 248.43°W / -38.42; -248.43Coordinates: 38°25′S 248°26′W / 38.42°S 248.43°W / -38.42; -248.43
Diameter 56 km
Eponym a town in Croatia

Lipik Crater is a crater in the Hellas quadrangle of Mars, located at 38.42° S and 248.43° W. It is 56 km in diameter and was named after a town in Croatia.[1] Close-up pictures of the crater show glacial features. The crater is not very deep, so much ice and dust may have accumulated over the years. If one measures the diameter of a crater, the original depth can be estimated with various ratios. Because of this relationship, researchers have found that many Martian craters contain a great deal of material; much of it is believed to be ice deposited when the climate was different. [2]

Why are Craters important?[edit]

The density of impact craters is used to determine the surface ages of Mars and other solar system bodies. [3] The older the surface, the more craters present. Crater shapes can reveal the presence of ground ice.


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