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Lipoflavonoid (or Lipo-flavonoid) is a proprietary, over-the-counter, dietary supplement formula created in 1961, by NUMARK Laboratories, which is claimed by the manufacturer to improve circulation in the inner ear,[1] as a means of combatting tinnitus (ringing in the ears).[2] While it has not been expressly approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this purpose, the formulation and package claims comply with FDA regulations for dietary supplements.[3]

Lipoflavonoid is currently being marketed on the Internet and in television commercials specifically to relieve tinnitus.[4] Clinical studies of the product appear in refereed journals address its use in treating sensorineural hearing loss,[5] both inclusive of and exclusive of Meniere’s disease,[6] of which tinnitus is a recognized symptom.[7] While a Mayo Clinic article on tinnitus states there is "little evidence that alternative medicine treatments work for tinnitus," the same article goes on to specifically name Lipoflavonoid as an alternative therapy.[8] In the early 1960s, the Audiology Center of Walter Reed Hospital conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effects of the lemon bioflavonoid active ingredient of Lipo-flavonoid on patients with hearing loss not associated with Meniere's Disease. None of the study participants who took bioflavonoid showed improvement of hearing as measured by pure tone audiometry.[6]

Composition and effects[edit]

Lipoflavonoid is sold as a dietary supplement. It is composed of eriodictyol glycoside (a bioflavonoid found naturally in the peel of lemons) and the following vitamins: vitamin B6 and B12 (B complex), vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, choline, inositol, and pantothenic acid.[9]

Consumer testimonials claim that lipoflavonoid relieves the symptoms of tinnitus.[10][11] However, few clinical studies have been performed, and the studies that have been completed have not shown significant efficacy of the product. [10] A search of MEDLINE, the National Institutes of Medicine database, did not locate a single clinical study on Lipoflavonoid. [12]


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