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Alverdissen Castle

Lippe-Alverdissen was a county in Germany, ruled by the House of Lippe. It was created in 1613 following the death of Count Simon VI of Lippe, with his realm being split between his three sons with his youngest son Philipp receiving the territory of Lippe-Alverdissen.

Following Count Philipp's ascension as Count of Schaumburg-Lippe in 1643 Lippe-Alverdissen became part of Schaumburg-Lippe. Following the death of Count Philipp in 1681 Schaumburg-Lippe went to his eldest son Friedrich Christian while Lippe-Alverdissen was inherited by his second son Philip Ernest who founded the Schaumburg-Lippe-Alverdissen line. The two lines remained separate until the junior Schaumburg-Lippe-Alverdissen inherited the Schaumburg-Lippe territories in 1777.

Counts of Lippe-Alverdissen (1613–1640 and 1681–1777)[edit]

United with Schaumburg-Lippe 1640

In 1777 Count Philipp Ernest II succeeded as Count of Schaumburg-Lippe

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