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Lippe-Weissenfeld was a county in the northwestern part of what is now Germany, covering an area within the Principality of Lippe and the Teutoburg Forest. Simon VII begat a younger son, Count Jobst Hermann (who died in 1678) who founded the line of counts of Lippe-Biesterfeld, and a cadet (junior) branch of this family became the Lippe-Weissenfeld counts.

Members of this line were granted the title of Prince/Princess and a style Serene Highness for the family of Count Clemens zur Lippe-Weissenfeld and his descendants on 24 February 1916 and again on 9 November 1918 for all other male/female members of this line.

Prince of Lippe-Weißenfeld (1916)[edit]

  • Klemens, 1st Prince 1916-1920 (1860-1920)
    • Ferdinand, 2nd Prince 1920-1939 (1903-1939)
      • Franz, 3rd Prince 1939-1995 (1929-1995)
    • Christian, 4th Prince 1995-1996 (1907-1996)

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