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Lippe in Luenen 1.jpg
The Lippe in Lünen
Origin Eastern Westphalia
Mouth Rhine
51°39′3″N 6°36′15″E / 51.65083°N 6.60417°E / 51.65083; 6.60417Coordinates: 51°39′3″N 6°36′15″E / 51.65083°N 6.60417°E / 51.65083; 6.60417
Basin countries Germany
Length 255 km
Source elevation ±140 m
Basin area 4,882 km²
In the Ruhr area, the Lippe River (top) runs east to west, roughly parallel the Ruhr River to the south.

The Lippe (German pronunciation: [ˈlɪpə]) is a river in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Rhine and 255 km (158 mi) in length.

The source is located at the edge of the Teutoburg Forest in Bad Lippspringe close to the city of Paderborn. It runs westward through Paderborn, Lippstadt and then along the northern edge of the Ruhr area, crossing the city of Hamm and the towns Lünen, Haltern and Dorsten. The river finally enters the Rhine at Wesel.

Due to industrial effluents and straightenings of the river's course the Lippe was in an ecological disastrous condition. Currently there are measures to revive the river fauna.

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