Lippisch P.15

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LiP15 1.JPG
Model of the Li P.15 Diana
Role Fighter
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Lippisch
Designer Alexander Lippisch
Status Cancelled
Number built None

The Lippisch P.15 was a proposed World War II German fighter aircraft.


Alexander Lippisch designed it after inspecting the new Heinkel He 162 which he thought could be improved. The redesigned He 162 composed of the nose section of the Heinkel 162, the wings and tail of the Me 163C, a newly designed rear fuselage, and landing gear adapted from the Bf 109. Power was to be supplied by a single Heinkel HeS 011A turbojet contained within the rear fuselage, which was fed by two intakes buried in the wing roots.[1]

Never leaving the drawing board, the design could well have made a suitable jet fighter, but Lippisch was never considered a credible aircraft engineer of the likes of Willy Messerschmitt or Kurt Tank, which coupled with the worsening war situation doomed all of his late war projects to fail.


Data from Lippisch P.15 – The Luft'46 [1]

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