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Palermo's Lipton Cup winning side of 1910.

The Lipton Challenge Cup also known as Coppa Lipton was a football competition competed between clubs from Southern Italy and Sicily.[1] It was played during the period leading up to World War I when football in the country was still in its infancy.[2][3] [4]


The competition was organised by Sir Thomas Lipton of the world famous Lipton Tea brand. In the final most commonly were Palermo FBC and Naples FBC, however, US Internazionale Napoli and Messina FC (also known as SG Garibaldi Messina[5]) competed in the competition at various points too.


Year Winner Runner-up Final result
1909 Naples FBC Palermo FBC 4-2
1910 Palermo FBC Naples FBC 4-1
1911 Naples FBC Palermo FBC 2-1
1912 Palermo FBC Naples FBC 6-0
1913 Palermo FBC Internazionale Napoli 5-0
1914 Naples FBC Palermo FBC 2-1


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