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Bailey's and coffee, also known as an Irish Cream Coffee

A liqueur coffee is a coffee drink with a shot of liqueur. It may be served in a special liqueur coffee glass, often with cream and sugar. Liqueur coffee are all variants on what is widely known as Irish coffee, hot coffee with whiskey and a layer of cream (not whipped) floated on top. Liqueur coffees are particularly popular in Galicia, where is considered a traditional drink. This liqueur coffee is widely known throughout Spain as carajillo, and is made from a blend of coffee, sugar and aguardiente (orujo, rum or any other strong alcohol).

Liqueur coffee names[edit]

This is a list of names sometimes given to liqueur coffees. Some, such as Irish coffee, are widely used and more-or-less standard (there is actually an "official" recipe, but it is not enforced); others local and idiosyncratic. There are many variations in nomenclature: the same name may be used for different combinations:

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