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Share of the Liquid Air, Power & Automobile Co., issued 30. August 1900

Liquid Air was the marque of an automobile planned by Liquid Air Power and Automobile Co. of Boston and New York City in 1899.[1]

A factory location was acquired in Boston, Massachusetts in 1899 and Liquid Air claimed they would construct a car that would run a hundred miles on liquid air.[1] In 1901 an automobile was demonstrated by its designer, Hans Knudsen, at a show in London. This automobile was a modified Locomobile steamer.[2] The Liquid Air was claimed to run 40 miles (64 km) at 12 mph (19 km/h) on 18 US gal (68 L; 15 imp gal) of liquid air, sold at a shilling a gallon.[2] In 1901 the company had gone into receivership with declared capital stock of $1,500,000 but assets of only $7,500.[1]

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