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liquid spins
Developer(s) MAXD
Development status Active
Operating system
Available in English languages
License PDF freeware

liquid spins is a media player application, developed by MAXD. It is used to play and download; digital audio on personal computers and smartphones running the two most popular operating systems. liquid spins is available at Google's Play Store, as well as an Android app.

liquid spins, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado on June 20, 2009 under the name “Malemark, Inc.”

Through the Liquid Spins Store, users can purchase and download music in a standarized MP3 format, practically used by every and all digital music devices, as well as by most smartphones. iPods, iPads, Zunes, and many modern CD players, as well as practically all of today's computers and tablets, are able to play back MP3 files; since basically mp3 music files are compatible with: iTunes, Windows Media Player, and all computer music players.

With liquid spins, you can enjoy more than 1 million songs available for download, as well as product offerings such as: tee shirts, concert posters, and more. Songs and albums can be downloaded to a Mac, PC, or mobile device.[1]liquid spins music is DRM-Free.[citation needed]


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