Lisa Dal Bello (album)

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Lisa Dal Bello
Studio album by Lisa Dalbello
Released 1977
Genre Soul, Funk
Label MCA
Producer David Foster
Lisa Dalbello chronology
Lisa Dal Bello
Pretty Girls
(1979)Pretty Girls1979

Lisa Dal Bello is a self-titled album from Canadian musician Dalbello. It was released in 1977 and began Dalbello's debut at the age of 17. The album was produced by David Foster and won the Juno Award for Most Promising Female Vocalist.


  • Produced & Arranged by David Foster
  • Engineered by: Jay Lewis, Matt Hyde, Keith Olsen
  • Recorded at: United Western Recorders, Producers' Workshop, Sound City
  • Art Direction: George Osaki
  • Photography: Oliver Ferrand
  • Logo Design: Rod Dyer
  • Design: Richard Seireeni/Rod Dyer, Inc.
  • Costume: Diane Chasle

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Look at Me (Millions of People)" Lisa Dalbello 3:36
2. "(Don't Want to) Stand in Your Way" Lisa Dalbello, Roy Kenner 3:47
3. "My Mind's Made Up" Lisa Dalbello, David Foster 3:59
4. "Snow White" Lisa Dalbello 3:02
5. "Touch Me" Lisa Dalbello 4:48
6. "Talk It Over (Even Though My Body's Cold)" Lisa Dalbello 4:12
7. "Stay with Me" Lisa Dalbello 3:57
8. "Day Dream" Lisa Dalbello, David Foster 3:42
9. "Milk & Honey" Lisa Dalbello, David Foster 3:18
10. "Everything Money Can Buy" Lisa Dalbello 4:53


The album was distributed on LP (and cassette?)[citation needed] upon its original release. At least two CD releases have been produced, both in Japan.


  • Lisa Dal Bello, UICY-3059, Universal Japan (2000-12-20).[1]
  • Lisa Dal Bello, UICY-94654, Universal Japan (2011-12-29), cardboard sleeve (mini LP), SHM-CD, limited release.[2]


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